The Champion Dewatering screen

The Champion Dewatering screen
The Champion Dewatering screen combines vibrating action with a variable sloping deck that removes substantially more water than static sieves. Yet, it is compact enough to replace static sieves with minimum change.

Champion Dewatering screen is capable of reducing moisture content of fine coal slurry of -28 mesh from the 44.5% achieved with static sieves to 36%. Similar results are also achieved in dewatering other sizes of coal, crushed stone, sand and grave, potash, phosphate, iron ore, copper and other applications currently using static sieves.
Compare these Champion Dewatering Screen Advantages:

Superior fine slurry dewatering.

Wide range of applications.

No need for costly sub-deck

Easy collection of effluent.

Uniform slurry feed over profile surface.

Long, trouble-free operation.

Easy to install.

Adjustable Slope meets varying applications.

Adjustable Discharge Lip Dam further reduces moisture through bed depth control and improves solids recovery.

Variable Sloping Deck assures maximum moisture reduction by combining initial removal of "free" water on curved profile surface and final drain on flat panel section.

Unitized Self-Supporting Profile Surface eliminates need for costly sub-deck and simplifies installation.

Built-In Flume with Discharge Outlet facilitates collection of effluent.

Even-Distribution Feed Box Design assures uniform feed of slurry over profile surface.

Variable stroke, Two bearing Mechanism.

Provides vibrating action to improve moisture reduction.

Variable stroke to meet wide variety of application.

High capacity anti-friction bearings for long, trouble free operation.

Simple grease lubrication for ease of maintenance.

Labyrinth seals prevent dust contamination of bearings.

Self Supporting Structure is easy to instal

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